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Drinks Procedure

Prior to first Saturday, get keys and code to door from previous month's drinks person or confirm what time the Surf Club doors will be open.

On each Saturday

  • Place drink containers onto trolley and fill with water using empty cordial bottles.  Add 1 bottle of cordial to water.
  • In summer, add a bag of ice.
  • Aim to have everything set up by 6:45am.
  • Empty unused cordial at 8am.
  • Return utensils to Surf Club, rinse out cordial container and place everything back into the cupboards and lock.

On Saturday or during the week

  • Ensure that there are 2 full bottles of cordial stored in the cupboard prior to the following Saturday.

On the last Saturday of each month

  • Wash all containers with detergent.
  • Wipe out cupboards (with disinfectant).
  • Give keys and code to door to next months drinks person if required.